Join MLM Lead System Pro – 5 Steps That Will Get You Started Right

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In this post I’ll outline the 5 steps which i recommend you practice when you first join MLM Lead System Pro. These recommendations are listed in order of priority and are also influenced by my experiences using the system.

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 1

When you have joined MLM Lead System Pro you’ve got to put in place all of your affiliate accounts. MLM Lead System Pro currently supports 15 plus affiliate products and you should be certain that you earn your commissions when anyone in your own team purchase any products or services through their back-office.

Anyone who joins MLM Lead System Pro from your recommendation will be put onto your team. They will then have access to all the same courses and marketing products which will be open to you. The big advantage of promoting MLM Lead System Pro is that you will also be promoting the education courses and affiliate products within the system. Therefore, commissions from these sales are paid directly to you… and rightly so!

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 2

After you have set up all of your affiliate accounts, you should then put in place your Auto-responder messages. I recommend that you take full benefit from the fact the system may be integrated with either an AWeber, or GetResponse account You PERSONALLY OWN. By loading your leads into your very own Auto-responder, you keep full ownership of your leads. This is critical, as you will discover at a later time!

Don’t panic! If you don’t currently have your personal Auto-responder account or follow-up messages then you will be able to take advantage of the step-by-step tutorials in the back-office. By following your tutorials you’ll be shown the right way to create an account, as well as the way to preload all the follow-up messages that have been written for yourself by MLM Lead System Pro. These messages will promote the affiliate products with your personal affiliate links. These are the links that you set up in the first step.

I actually do suggest you read and modify the follow-up messages when you get time, as you want to make sure that they fit your business as well as match your style of writing. Remember, you need your subscribers to get to know YOU!

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 3

After getting your affiliate accounts and email Auto-responder set up, it’s time to construct your first campaign. I am not going to go into precisely how this is achieved, since there are tutorials inside the back-office that can cover this. Instead, I would like to provide some general pointers on what I’ve done to produce the best results.

In my opinion the key with a successful campaign capture page, would be to customise the page fully to market yourself, your training and your business. Some of the capture pages provided inside the system may convert slightly better, but don’t forget your aim is to position yourself as an expert. Therefore, you’ll want to record your own video and modify the Headlines and text to suit your message. If you aren’t comfortable recording videos then get comfortable with it!

To be serious though, if you prefer to not use video at this point then make use of your own pictures while using text formats, so that your message will be tailored to you personally and what you can offer.

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 4

Given that your capture page is set up it’s time to select how you’re planning on driving traffic to it. You must pick out a long-term and also a short-term strategy for driving traffic and you will then need to set yourself some targets and goals for the coming months. The saying holds true: ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’! If you don’t have clear goals along with a plan of how those goals would be realised, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t make this simple mistake!

You will find tutorials just for this inside MLM Lead System Pro too.

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 5

The biggest words of advice I’m able to give you at this point is to build a blog and begin blogging! You are intending to embark on a major journey of learning and realisation so you need to document and share it. In my first Ninety days in MLM Lead System Pro, I challenged myself to understand new things daily for that first Ninety days and produce a new item of content to express it. Trust me, this wasn’t easy, but by the end of the Ninety days my blog had a Google page ranking of four and was getting ranked for many types of long-tail keywords!

Your site is much like a piece of real-estate on the web. As your organization and ideas develop you’ll be able to share your experiences with your audience, which could carry on growing if you keep posting relevant, timely content. You can Tweet your blog posts on Twitter to get new followers and you may post them as your status updates on Facebook. You want your followers and friends to recognise you post regularly, in order that they have an incentive to keep coming back!

Do you know what? There are 2 fantastic tutorials on creating and managing a blog inside the MLM Lead System Pro War Chest, and that is found in the bonuses area of your back-office. Be sure to check them out for additional pointers!

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Summary

I hope that the 5 steps We have outlined provide some guidance on how to get started right in MLM Lead System Pro. I am confident that your decision to join MLM Lead System Pro will revolutionise how you build your business for the better, are prepared to heed the recommendations I’ve given!

Dumbbell Comparison: Hex vs Rubber vs Pro Style

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These types of dumbbells are the most common for home and commercial gyms. This guide will help you navigate among the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Hex dumbbells are made with chromed solid steel handles and welded-on cast iron heads with a painted finish. They’re typically found in home gyms and in some smaller fitness establishments.

Rubber hex dumbbells are the same as the above, with steel handles and iron heads, but with a rubber coating instead of paint. So while they are really just rubber coated, we call them rubber dumbbells for simplicity.

Pro style dumbbells are found in most commercial gyms. They’re made using solid steel handles and standard “pancake” style weight plates. They differ from standard adjustable dumbbells in that the handle ends are a precise length to fit an exact number of plates, it’s bolted together so as to be semi-permanent, and they usually have end caps to further smoothen out the edges.

Rubber pro style dumbbells are the above with rubber coating on the attached weight plates instead of paint. Again, for short we call them rubber rather than rubber coated. Keep in mind that regular pro style dumbbells can also be made with only rubber end caps.

All types above can have contoured handles rather than straight. Contoured handles are thicker in the center than the edges, making for a wider and more ergonomic grip.


The relative difference in cost varies widely depending on weight, because pro style dumbbells start at a higher price but the price doesn’t increase as much as the weight increases. Hex and rubber hex dumbbells are generally just priced per pound, although the smallest and largest sizes might be price-adjusted for minimum retail margins or to factor in skewed shipping costs.

#1: Hex
#2: Rubber Hex – 1.5 to 2 times the price of hex dumbbells.
#3: Pro Style – Anywhere from 1.5 to 8 times the price of hex dumbbells.
#4: Rubber Pro Style – Anywhere from 1.5 to 11 times the price of hex dumbbells.


Rubber dumbbells are softer and won’t scratch your floor. The winner here is rubber pro-style because of the smooth edges of the heads. Even rubber can be kind of hard, and the comparably sharper edges of rubber hex dumbbells can conceivably stab into a sensitive floor if you aren’t careful. But that may be reaching because the edges are really not very sharp. Painted iron is the biggest threat to a sensitive floor, so hex dumbbells with their sharper edges and rougher surface score last.

#1: Rubber Pro Style
#2: Rubber Hex
#3: Pro Style
#4: Hex


Even the high-quality baked-on finish on modern iron hex dumbbells will eventually chip when the dumbbells are banged around a lot. Rubber dumbbells are made to be banged around. However, rubber exposed to the hot sun will expand as it heats, and repeated exposure can cause the rubber to start cracking from all the expansion and contraction, so if you’re in a hot climate, it would be best to keep them out of the sun. Assuming you can manage that, rubber comes out ahead.

The plates on pro style dumbbells have a flatter finish that’s more resistant to chipping than the finish on hex dumbbells. If you’ve ever dinged old hex dumbbells together at the top of a bench press rep and gotten paint flecks in your face, you know how significant this is. A rubber coating will of course prevent this, and non-rubber pro dumbbells can be assembled with rubber end caps.

Hex dumbbells are welded together, and while the welds are usually very good, the small risk of a bad weld here has to be acknowledged, particularly for dumbbells that don’t go through the quality checking of one of the top US manufacturers. The way to break a dumbbell is to drop it from high up at an angle, so one head hits first and puts a lot of torque stress on the handle. When a weld fails the head won’t usually come clear off, but it may become a little loose and wobble. The risk of this isn’t really a safety issue, because it’s pretty obvious when a head is just loose or if it has smashed around enough to actually fall off.

On pro-style dumbbells the plates are secured in place by an allen bolt that is quite tight from the factory. It’s pretty obvious when it starts to come loose after a lot of usage, and it’s a simple matter of tightening it.

#1: Rubber Pro Style
#3: Rubber Hex
#4: Pro Style
#5: Hex


The smallest hex dumbbells take up minimal space, while the largest ones have a larger diameter than pro-style dumbbells and will consume more rack space. The size of pro style dumbbells reaches a maximum diameter (the size of a 10lb plate) and it just keeps adding more plates onto the end. So for larger sizes the pro are actually the most space-conscious.